F ive Star Horsemanship offers lessons, clinics and training in barns in Monroe and Arlington, WA. Traveling for clinics and private groups is also available.

Five Star Horsemanship offers fun and compelling adventures in the world of horse riding. With an expansive array of facility options, our riders will be exposed to some of the not so commonly known fascinating aspects to horse care, behavior, companionship, and styles of riding. Horses are said to be some of the greatest teachers in the animal kingdom providing a unique understanding of responsibility, compassion, coordination and physical wellness.

Five Star Horsemanship offers classes that open riders to the intricasies of casual or competitive Western and English riding styles. We offer other activities such as exercises to apply theory, ground work, obstacle trail work and arena games that can play an integral part in the learning process.  Our certified instructor and founder, Kim McClelland, shares her extensive education and versatile style to enable anyone of any age to enjoy and appreciate horses. Safety first allows for an fun, educational, and lasting experience for the whole family that can be revisited over and again. Sign up today for an exciting horsemanship experience! Ground, arena, performance, exposure and trail work is covered in our all around training program.

Welcome Belle!

We have added a new horse to our program for lessons, events and competitions. She is a Quarter Horse mare with a heart of gold and a wonderful easy-going disposition. We look forward to many people creating memories with her and enjoying her for many years!


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Bring them in for our well rounded training program at a Five Star facility closest to you and/or haul-in for a lesson.
Ground work, arena work and trail/obstacle work is covered in our all around training program.


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