“Kim is absolutely exceptional! I learned more in this one lesson, than I retained from 5 years of professional lessons in the past. She is so capable of seeing exactly what you need to do to improve, and actually tell you in a way that can compute to changing your habits. Its amazing. She is just a pleasure to be around, and I will continue to use her regularly. She even was able to spend time with my young son who was with me, and calm his fear of horses as well. Kim is just amazing, and so genuine.”

– Erin Riordan & Princess, Seattle, WA

“I first came to Kim because I wanted someone who would advocate for my horse and teach me how to be a better horseman. I appreciated her approach to read him on not just a trainability level, but a physical and mental level. She took the time to help him before she asked him to go to school. Her ability to read horses and meet their needs is what made me keep coming back to her for help. She is clear in her communication and doesn’t put a rush on the horse; she lets them figure it out on their time, not hers. She is informative and presents things for the owner to understand on a level that they can carry through.  Thanks for all of your help, Kim!”

– Christina Guajardo & Finny, Arlington, WA

“She is so awesome and can get thru to me and my horse. She understands that no two people or horses learn the same and can adapt to the individuals in her teaching style. LOVE THIS so much. She also knows when I have hit my wall of learning and need to just go play and practice, even when I don’t see it. THANK YOU KIM!”

– Sue Zinn, Monroe, WA

“I just had the best riding lesson experience ever! In the saddle, we did exercises that showed us how to use our body to work WITH the horse’s movement, and how to be more balanced, aware and connected with the horse. Being a body worker (massage therapist), it felt like a movement re-education class on horseback, and I loved experiencing my knowledge as a massage therapist merging with horseback riding. WOW! I highly recommend Kim for any age and experience level rider!”

– Carol Hasegawa, Seattle, WA

“In taking lessons I was looking for a trainer to help me to become a better rider and help me teach my horse to canter in control. I love that Kim teaches you how to achieve things (like collection) naturally, rather then forcefully. I also like how Kim explains things in a way that you understand. I would definitely recommend Kim to other people because she teaches all ages exceptionally and is able to teach according to different people’s styles.”

– Jalyn Dodd & Bella, Monroe, WA

“Kim is a very gifted trainer and a true professional. She has helped me tremendously towards my goals of increasing my horse’s confidence and progressing in his training. Kim is very insightful and adapts to the horse and rider and their specific needs. I love her style of teaching – lots of education sprinkled with her laid back, fun manner all the while dispensing specific, targeted guidance.”

– Shelley Dodd & Romey, Monroe, WA

“It’s so true when Kim says “horses teach us about ourselves”. I’m finding this out week after week during my riding lessons. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate and admire her gentle and effective training methods wrapped in knowledge and insight about my horse’s behavior and actions. My horse is changing for the better every time Kim trains her.

What my horse and I have gained from Kim is priceless!”

– Jody Marshall, Everett, WA

“Thanks for the best lesson ever! It’s all falling into place and everything you’ve taught me and that I’ve read is making sense. I also noticed that since I see purpose and a reason for everything you’re teaching me…..my confidence level is up by at least 50%. Maybe more!!  My lessons have exceeded my expectations….you are teaching me so very much and you have such a good way about sharing your vast knowledge! I could not be happier with you and Bo.”

– Carmen Rightmire, Marysville, WA

“I spent a long time searching for a western trail trainer and Kim is the best. My horse and I have made huge progress.”

– James Erickson and Java, Redmond, WA

“Kim helped me with some troubles. After 2 years previous training, her helpful tip changed my riding forever. I still ride today with her in mind – thanking her for such a simple helpful hint. Her thorough explanation was so helpful. She has a sense of evaluation of horse and rider that is amazing. She sees what many don’t see. If you want to have fun and learn how to ride freely with a happy willing horse – Kim is awesome!!”

– Cheryl Potampa, Snohomish, WA

“Kim is well equipped, professional, and knows how to adapt for kids and adults of all abilities to create an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. Strongly recommended!”

– Karena Valiquette, Seattle, WA

“Although my family had a ranch with horses in South America, I was always scared to ride them. I decided to conquer my fear and began taking lessons with Kim. She taught me how to ride and, more importantly to me, she taught me how to be at ease around horses. Now I do not only ride but I can understand what the horses are thinking by paying attention to a few physical signs that I learned about. Kim allowed me to learn and grow at my own pace, never forcing me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Now, horses are my favorite thing in life!”

– Beatriz Carnevali, Redmond, WA

“I am happy that I came up for a lesson and can’t wait to get there next week. I am so very impressed with the way you can explain these techniques…..you have a gift to be able to share what you have learned over the years. Thank you.”

– Debra Goltiani, Renton, WA


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